ABC Videography offers you a unique and professional service of video and photography that includes one photographer and one videographer using the most modern equipment to cover your event.

As a part of our package of services, ABC Videography offers you coverage in the following places:

The Quinceañera’s house:

We will begin our job of video and photography early at the Quinceañera’s house to cover those special moments in preparation for the big celebration. We’ll be photographing and videotaping the Quinceañera before and after putting on her dress, including her family, friends, damas and chambelanes as they leave off to the church.

In case of not having ceremony we will gladly replace this time with more video and photography outside in different locations.


With a dynamic style and professionalism, ABC Videography will cover the religious ceremony from different angles making your memories more entertaining. At the end of the ceremony a photo shoot will take place at the altar with all friends and family attending your Quinceañera’s ceremony.


After the ceremony (or before depending not the time of the ceremony), our team of video and photography will accompany the Quinceañera with her court of honor to the place of your choice to capture the most outstanding memories of this celebration.


ABC Videography’s  team will be in your party room before it formally opens for your guests taking a look at the place and planning their work in advance. We’ll be setting a beautiful mobile studio with professional lights for professional style photo shoot of the Quinceañera. It will also be a place where your guests and family can get a picture with the Quinceañera. Since our photo service is unlimited, the mobile studio will be open all night for everyone. Of course, we’ll be covering every important moment of your celebration. However, all our work will be centered on the Quinceañera and her family who are the protagonists of the event.

The Packages you receive:

Three weeks after your party, ABC Videography will deliver the entire package that includes:

  1. A beautiful album fully decorated with the colors of your quinceañera dress, which includes 200 4X6 size photographs, printed on high quality photographic paper and 6 photographs size 8.5 X 11.
  2. A poster sizes picture of the quinceañera in size 20X30.
  3. A Digital album containing all the photographs included in your album.
  4. Two (2) Videos digitally edited, with three special menus that will provide many options for you to enjoy your memories.

The videos also include 10 photos of the quinceañera in different stages of her life.


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